Fall In Love Deck - Digital Guide

Digital Guide

Amazing Sex:  Magnetic Attraction.  Passion.  Physical Chemistry.  Phone Sex.  Memorable Night.  Enjoy Pleasure.  Phone Sex

Bad Timing:  Not Right Now.  Inconsistent.  Fizzling Out.  Shift Your Focus. Trust In Divine Timing.  Everything Happens For A Reason.

Be The Change:  When we change everything changes.  Mirroring - see yourself in others.  Shadow Work.  Reflect on your past/present actions + choices.   Self-Awareness.  Healing & Transforming.  Journaling & Counseling will be helpful.  Be kind to yourself.

Be Spontaneous:  Say Yes.  Have More Fun.  Dating.  PDA.  Reconnecting.  Fun Date.  Do Something New + Exciting.  Fun Date.

Blooming:  Attracting Love & Romance.  Center Of Attention.  Be Yourself.  Natural Beauty.  Growth & Strength.  Confidence In Love & Dating.  Shine your light.  Attracting Romance.  Spring.  Summer.

Body Language:  True intentions are often expressed nonverbally.  Pay Attention To Vibe + Energy. Posture. Facial Expressions. Touch. Eye Contact.  Don't Ignore Inconsistencies.  Get out of your head  & into your body.  Trust your gut feeling.

Commitment:  Union.  Long Term Connection.  Partnership.  Engagement. Choosing You.  Loyal To You.  Marriage.  Love Is A Choice.

Date, Flirt, Play:  Shoot Your Shot.  Get Out Of Your Shell.  Nothing To Loose.  Have Fun.  Flirty Texts.

Don’t Give Up:  Try Again.  The universe is preparing you for your soulmate.  Temporary Disappointment.  You have to get it wrong before you can get it right.

Enjoy Quality Time:  Making Memories.  Holiday.  Fun.  Date Night.  Travel.  Spend Time Together.  Learning Each Other

Express Your Needs:  What Do You Need?  No one can read your mind.  Don’t Judge or Assume.  Communicate Honestly.  

Falling In Love:  Butterflies. Enjoy The Honeymoon Phase.  Romance.  Courting.  Recognizing Yourself In Another.  Getting To Know Each Other. 

Family:  Unconditional Love.  Pregnancy.  Blended Family.  Relatives.  Children. Inner-Child Healing. 

Fantasy vs. Reality:  Blindspot.  Holding on to the idea of a person or an old story.  See & Accept what is in front of you.  Notice Red Flags.  Don't complicate it, the truth is clear & simple.  Reflect on your expectations.

Fear of Failure:  Past hurt.  Afraid of: getting hurt, rejection, abandonment or things not working out.  Insecurities. Trauma.  Face your fears, Insecurities or Trauma.  Failure is necessary for success.  Faith over fear.  

Free Yourself:  Trying too hard.  Feeling Stuck or Unfulfilled.  You Have The Power.  Make A Change.  Let Go Of What Burdens You.  You deserve to feel free & happy.  Shadow Work.  Releasing Trauma & Old Programming.

Fresh Start:  New Beginnings.  Walking Away.  Energy Healing.  Travel.  Freedom.  Letting Go.  Well Deserved Reward. 

Friends to Lovers:  Keep An Open Mind.  Love Grows + Changes Secret Admirer.  It’s up to you.  Friendship.  A Soulmate can be a friend.

Give + Receive:  Gifts & Offers.  Accept Love.  Give Freely, you will always receive more.  Be yourself.  Receive.

Give It Time:  You Can't Hurry Love.  Take It Slow.  Time Will Tell.  Divine Timing.  Be In The Moment. 

Hidden Agenda:  Hidden Feelings or Motive.  Ask Questions, pay attention to words & actions.  What is hidden will always comes to the light.  Notice your feelings. Trust your intuition.  Journaling & Talk Therapy will be helpful.

Honest Conversations: Speak the truth.  Listen to understand, not to reply.  Heart to heart.  communication is key.  Say what you really mean.

It Is Safe To Fall:  Don't hold back.  trustworthy person.  express your love. romance.  desire.  ready for love.

Joy + Stability:  Childlike Playfulness.  Happiness.  Laughter.  Someone you can count on.  Support.  Financial Stability.

Love Is A Verb:  Acts Of Service.  Actions speak louder than words.  Keep your word, mean what you say.

Lessons Learned:  Wiser & Stronger.  Moving Forward.  Breaking a Cycle.  Learn from this experience.  Ready to make new mistakes.  Karmic Lessons. 

Let Go Of Control:  Chasing instead of attracting.  Don't force it.  Fall Back.  Surrender.  Shift your focus.  Allow others to lead.  Take something off your plate.  What are you afraid of? 

Missing You:   Someone is thinking about you & wishes you were close.  Deep Longing.  Deep desire.  Always on my mind.  Memories.  

Mutual Feelings:  You are on the same page.  Great communication.  Feelings neither can deny.  In Alignment. 

Not For You:  Reconsider your desire or attachment.  Not what you really want or asked for.  The universe knows best.  There's more for you.  Choose wisely. 

Know Your Worth:  Confident & Independent.  It's okay to want more.  Don’t settle.  The best is yet to come.  Leveling up.  Ready For Love. 

Open Up:  Ready For Love.  Be Vulnerable.  You can't receive with close fists.  Keep an open mind - date outside your usual type.  You Deserve Love.  Guarded.  Defensive.  

Options:  Keep your options open.  Seeing multiple people.  Dating.  Unattached. Unbothered.  Trial & Error.  Exploring.  Time will Tell.

Overcoming Challenge:  A necessary but temporary struggle for growth. Movign through change.  Discomfort. Peaceful Resolution. Stronger Union.

Past Love:  Reflect on past relationships, what do you want to do differently?  Someone You Know.  History.  Nostalgia.  Unfinished Business. 

Power Couple:  Compatible.  Success + Abundance Together.  Lead by example.  Working Together.  Mindful spiritual union.  Growing Together

Pillow Talk:  Deep Intimacy. Words of affirmation.  Touch.  Foreplay.  Cuddling.  Kissing.  Safe place.  Share your deep feelings, be vulnerable.  

Release The Past:  Move forward, it is safe.  the best is yet to come. What you seek is ahead of you, not behind you.

Reaching Out:  Incoming Message.  Make The Effort.  Reach Out.  Thinking of each other at the same time.

Relocating:  Distance.  Moving.  Travel.  Roadtrip.  New life.  New Experiences.

Respect Boundaries:  Listen.  Allow.  Frustration.  It's okay to say no.  Compassion.  Understanding. Trust.  Let go.

Reunited:  Reconciliation.  Coming Together.  Celebration.  Gathering.

Self- Love:  Self-care.  Focus on you.  Enjoy Self-pleasure.  Masturbate.  Visualize

Self - Sabotage:  Blocking Your blessing.  Bad Habits.  Lack Of  Appreciation. Complaining.  Reflect on your actions.  You deserve to be happy.  Face your fears & insecurities.

Short Term Connection:  Enjoy The Moment.  In your life for a season & a reason.  Go with the flow.  Just for fun + growth.  Learn a great lesson.

Someone New:  New date.  New Love.  Sparks Flying.  Good Kisser.  Attraction.  Chemistry.

Soulmate:  Mean't to be.  Deep Understanding.  Past Life Connection.  Learning + Growing Together.  Friendship.  So much in common.

Team Work:  Stronger together.  Ask for help.  Building something that will last. working together. Success.  Soul circle & community.

They Adore You:  Admiration.  Respect.  Support.  Loyalty.  Deep Love.

Time Apart:  Separation.  Space To Reflect.  Break-up. Therapy.  Focus on you.  Tension.  Blessing In Disguise.

True Love:  Unconditional love. Real love.  Wedding.  Deep connection.

Trust:  Trust yourself first.  Without trust we have nothing.  Faith over Fear.

Unexpected:  Surprise.  Opposites Attract.  Manifesting.  Keep an open mind. The best things are unplanned.

Very Soon:  The next few weeks.  Notice the signs & synchronicities.  Believe.

Worth The Wait:  Divine timing. Patience is key.  Enjoy this time.  Don't settle.  

You Are Ready:  Put yourself out there.  You are loveable.  you are worthy.  As you are.  You are healed.


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New life set

My wife and I are pleased with our recent purchase, also your customer service is better than the big shops and that’s greatly appreciated. We look forward to growing with you and your business, peace and prosperity.thanks again 🙏

The Fall Back Deck
Kachina Crippen

Beautiful deck. You can tell a lot of thought, care, and knowing was put into them. Easily became one of my favorite decks.

I’m in love with this bracelet. I received many compliments and feel much lighter wearing it. You can tell that it was already blessed with good energy.

My wife and I are happy with the items we purchased and they look better in person, thanks 🙏

The Cancerian Oracle
Karen Rice-Scott
Straight Talk Guidance

I love the Fall Back deck, it came out the box dropping truth bombs; this one is no different. Each card I pull is "spot on" for what I need to know "in the moment."

Cin's Incense Cone Mix
Karen Rice-Scott
Love it!

I love the subtly sweet svent, that's not overpowering. I immediately lit one !


The journal is beautiful I think what made me decide to get it is the description about how it didn't have any lines so that you can just allow yourself to be free and flowing.


As a cancer I can truly appreciate this deck because sometimes I just need reassure. If you sometimes find yourself doing too much this is a deck for you

Fall In Love Deck
Anjelica Brown
Fall in love deck

I now have all of Cin's decks!! Yay me 😘 thank you for creating all of your decks they are always on point for me and the situations I may have going on within my life

The fool bracelet set

They are very unique and colorful and that's why I love this set😊🤗

Empress bracelets set

They are just gorgeous 🤩🥰

Surrender set ☺️

I really like this set just because of it's color and it has helped me to let go of certain situations within my life

Love my bracelet!!

Cin you outdid yourself! This bracelet is absolutely beautiful! I've been wearing it everyday since I got it. Thank you to you and your team for everything ☺️

Great deck

Love this deck. Short and to the point. Will call you out, lol.

I love all my purchases

The Fall Back Deck
Sandra De Soto
Love my Fall My Fall Back Deck

Love the quality of the deck, also the nice bag it came in and the crystal gift. The deck has beautiful messages.

Satisfied Customer

Omg I received my Fall Back Deck,Palo Santo Sticks,Journal and Bracelet sets…Thanks Cin I ❤️❤️it!!!🙌🏾I’m very pleased 🙏🏾and thanks for my free gift 🎁 ❤️ I carry it everywhere I go!! Nothing but Positive Vibes 🧘🏾‍♂️🥰🥰

Satisfied Customer

Omg I received my Fall Back cards Palo Santo sticks and my Journal Bracelet sets.Thanks Cin I❤️❤️it very pleased and thanks for my free gift 🎁 I carry it with me everywhere I go!!🥰🥰

I love these!

Beautiful Work

These bracelets are absolutely beautiful

Love it!!!

Cin is the only person online whose readings I truly resonate with & whom I trust my energy with. So I had to have this selection curated and cleansed by her. 🥰

Very cute

Makes me happy

Fall Back Oracle Deck Bundle

The Fall Back Oracle Decks are well made. I thoroughly enjoy utilizing them. There is beautiful imagery in these oracle decks.

The Cancerian Oracle
Cancerian Oracle Deck

The Cancerian Oracle Deck delivers accurate messages. These oracle cards are well made. I thoroughly enjoy utilizing them. The imagery of this oracle deck is beautiful.

I loved all the bracelets I purchased from this shop regardless of 2 of my purchase didn't last long. I will continue to support the Cancerian Shop.