About Us

The Cancerian Shop + The Cancerian Channel

Founded by Cin, the cancerian - a Cancer sun, rising, and venus.  Psychic Medium, Master Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher, Musician 

Born in the UK and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.  She now calls Los Angeles, CA and New Zealand home.

"Safe to say, I am obsessed with Cancers.  I love Moon Children so much that I've literally built my life around supporting and empowering them.  To the empaths, feelers, sensitive souls of the world - cancer zodiac sign or not, I've got your back. I have been sensitive since I was a child but I awakened to my gifts later in my life.  I went from being a student, traveling musician to dreaming the future, hearing voices and talking to spirits.  It's been a crazy ride.  My goal is to help others connect with the magic they have within - to find love, joy and live the life of their dreams." - Cin

The Cancerian Shop - located in Los Angeles, CA, launched April 2021.  Run by a three woman team of water signs: Cin, Ariel and Queen.  Our goal is to make self-care fun and easy.  We aim to create and share ethically sourced, sustainable products at a low cost. 

The Cancerian Channel is a YouTube Channel that started in March 2019

Fall Back Go Back Way Back More Back is the official Cancerian Channel mantra that grew organically from our YouTube videos.  It reminds us that the most powerful position we can be in is complete surrender.  You don't have to obsesses to manifest, when you trust and let go, you can create miracles.  

Thank you for your continued love and support, it keep us going.  Feel free to contact us, we're here to help.

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New life set

My wife and I are pleased with our recent purchase, also your customer service is better than the big shops and that’s greatly appreciated. We look forward to growing with you and your business, peace and prosperity.thanks again 🙏

The Fall Back Deck
Kachina Crippen

Beautiful deck. You can tell a lot of thought, care, and knowing was put into them. Easily became one of my favorite decks.

I’m in love with this bracelet. I received many compliments and feel much lighter wearing it. You can tell that it was already blessed with good energy.

My wife and I are happy with the items we purchased and they look better in person, thanks 🙏

The Cancerian Oracle
Karen Rice-Scott
Straight Talk Guidance

I love the Fall Back deck, it came out the box dropping truth bombs; this one is no different. Each card I pull is "spot on" for what I need to know "in the moment."

Cin's Incense Cone Mix
Karen Rice-Scott
Love it!

I love the subtly sweet svent, that's not overpowering. I immediately lit one !


The journal is beautiful I think what made me decide to get it is the description about how it didn't have any lines so that you can just allow yourself to be free and flowing.


As a cancer I can truly appreciate this deck because sometimes I just need reassure. If you sometimes find yourself doing too much this is a deck for you

Fall In Love Deck
Anjelica Brown
Fall in love deck

I now have all of Cin's decks!! Yay me 😘 thank you for creating all of your decks they are always on point for me and the situations I may have going on within my life

The fool bracelet set

They are very unique and colorful and that's why I love this set😊🤗

Empress bracelets set

They are just gorgeous 🤩🥰

Surrender set ☺️

I really like this set just because of it's color and it has helped me to let go of certain situations within my life

Love my bracelet!!

Cin you outdid yourself! This bracelet is absolutely beautiful! I've been wearing it everyday since I got it. Thank you to you and your team for everything ☺️

Great deck

Love this deck. Short and to the point. Will call you out, lol.

I love all my purchases

The Fall Back Deck
Sandra De Soto
Love my Fall My Fall Back Deck

Love the quality of the deck, also the nice bag it came in and the crystal gift. The deck has beautiful messages.

Satisfied Customer

Omg I received my Fall Back Deck,Palo Santo Sticks,Journal and Bracelet sets…Thanks Cin I ❤️❤️it!!!🙌🏾I’m very pleased 🙏🏾and thanks for my free gift 🎁 ❤️ I carry it everywhere I go!! Nothing but Positive Vibes 🧘🏾‍♂️🥰🥰

Satisfied Customer

Omg I received my Fall Back cards Palo Santo sticks and my Journal Bracelet sets.Thanks Cin I❤️❤️it very pleased and thanks for my free gift 🎁 I carry it with me everywhere I go!!🥰🥰

I love these!

Beautiful Work

These bracelets are absolutely beautiful

Love it!!!

Cin is the only person online whose readings I truly resonate with & whom I trust my energy with. So I had to have this selection curated and cleansed by her. 🥰

Very cute

Makes me happy

Fall Back Oracle Deck Bundle

The Fall Back Oracle Decks are well made. I thoroughly enjoy utilizing them. There is beautiful imagery in these oracle decks.

The Cancerian Oracle
Cancerian Oracle Deck

The Cancerian Oracle Deck delivers accurate messages. These oracle cards are well made. I thoroughly enjoy utilizing them. The imagery of this oracle deck is beautiful.

I loved all the bracelets I purchased from this shop regardless of 2 of my purchase didn't last long. I will continue to support the Cancerian Shop.